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Hello, everyone!   

     Welcome to Tato + Friends’ CP Blog! Based on the highly popular children’s game, Club Penguin, this website has all the tips and secrets about it! Here you have great authors who make posts with all the new information on CP! You will never miss anything on Club Penguin on our website! You can ask questions, look around, get all the latest information on Club Penguin, and even secrets that haven’t been released on Club Penguin yet! 

     originally this site started out with just regular music that most people listened to. Later though, it was decided that this would be all about CP! With over a year in experience, we give you everything Club Penguin! Even today, we still have music and other sorts to listen to! If your lucky we’ll throw out a CPMV (Club Penguin Music Video)! Thank you for coming to our site!    

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